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Some minor changes have been made to my blog recently. Some changes were imposed by the changeover to 'The New Blogger' while others changes I have made to content.

The imposed changes affected my profile page. To start with my age was suddenly listed as something close to that of Aphra Behn! I have fixed that particular mistake. The other thing is that now my profile lists both my occidental and oriental astrological designations. I want to state here for the record that I think of such stuff as nothing more than superstition. While I am at it I may as well add that I am agnostic on the topic of the existence of anything supernatural (including God) and skeptical of any suggestions that the supernatural impinges on the everyday world. I am also something of a secular humanist.

There are also other changes of my own making: The biggest change is that I have added a link to the Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) in the sidebar under 'Things I am involved in'. I have been active in the group (most recently) for over 12 months now so figure it is time to recognise that here. They are a nice bunch and the music can be a lot of fun.

Also I am now using labels for posts thus making subject-oriented hunting a cinch.



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