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The Wide Brown Land For Me

That line from the Dorothea Mackeller poem reminds us that the current parched conditions we are facing are nothing new and cannot be attributed to global climate change alone. Within two days of having returned from the insane greeness of New Zealand I was sitting in a car with friends traversing the yellowy-browness on the way from Melbourne to Echuca on the Murray River. It was a strangely refreshing contrast. All my life the land northward of home has been kind of dusty and dry and the experience was reassuringly familiar.

Friends Steve & Nieves were visiting from the UK and as is customary friends got together to do as much with them as we could while they were here. Hence the visit to Echuca. While there we stayed at a caravan park and dined at a local pub. The next day we decided to give the steam boat rides a miss (the others surprisingly took on my rule of thumb that if a ride costs more than a movie then it is too much). However Steve got talking to some strangers who it transpired were working on restoring another such steam boat and so we got a private tour round what looks like it will be an exquisite craft once completed (we later gave them a six pack of beer in thanks).

We also went to Glenrowan (site of the capture of Ned Kelly), the Milawa Cheese Factory, and former gold mining town Bendigo. Sometimes one can experience ones own home in a new way in the company of visitors and this was definitely a case of that. Back in Melbourne the following week we did other cool things that I tend to neglect in my hometown. We had pizza on Lygon Street. We played pool at the Red Triangle off Brunswick Street. We swam and played beach cricket in Sandringham. We played games like Pictonary. It was all fun and an excellent repatriation for me into local life.

Now I am back into the swing of things possibly I will also return to my practice of weekly blog posts. We shall see...



  • Fab to hear about your adventures. Thanks for the comments on K'sD.

    It's not so vast, brown and dry up here as you would lead your UK buddies to believe.

    Imo asked me the other day what the water restrictions are up here - there are none, and all appears lush and green (however, I have since heard that even the pop of NT is running the water table dry, but I know not enough about such matters to comment further).

    Rounding up the end of wet season, we're awaiting the 'knockem down' rains which knock the tall grass (as tall as me!) flat, sybolising the end of the wet season and the approach of the dry.

    As I sit and think about it, I lament that I will not meet any autumn leaves this year...

    Nonetheless, sounds like NVic was a ball, with lots of fun and adventures to be had. I know what you mean about experiencing 'one's home in a new way' when in the company of international guests.

    So long, sing some Alto for me - 'La!'. x

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 15 March, 2007  

  • The line "...of droughts and flooding rains" from the same poem springs to mind here. Wow - the whole 'wet season' thing is something I have never experienced - hope you enjoy it.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 17 March, 2007  

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