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Massive Multiplayer Editing Game

That is how Uncyclopedia describes Wikipedia and I have recently started playing that online game. It started innocently with me correcting the occasional spelling error. Then it went further with me improving links between pages in areas that I feel I have some grounding. Then eventually I could resist no longer: I got a login so that I could start new pages for topics that (disturbingly) had been neglected by other players to date.

So far I have contributed only two short items. One is on a thing I somewhat like while the other is on a thing I somewhat dislike but both were I think deserving of inclusion. Interestingly the former has been improved by other players while the latter has been left as is - what does this say of the relative worth accorded these two topics by the players of this game?

Okay this seems a silly thing to report on but I have had lots of things occupying my interest lately and have chosen the one topic that lent itself most to a short and pithy post. Sorry for taking such a quick dip in the waters of the 'blogsphere' but I gotta get back to life now.

And another thing...

Most players on Wikipedia play nice. I see something that needs changing and I change it in a way that preserves the intent of the last player. They may come back and make a further modification but once more with what I had to contribute in mind. But there also seem to be some who just brutally alter things in the most provocative manner.

I noted that the Wikipedia entry on the Evanescence album The Open Door only credited the core band members rather than all the guest musicians acknowledged in the album sleeve notes. So I fixed it. But then at some later date I discovered that someone had reverted to just the band. What! Do they think that the music on that album could possibly be produced by a conventional band and neglect all the programming and orchestral textures? The decks are as key to that music as are guitars. I wonder what state the list will be in today...



  • I hope my friend Crazy Carl reads this. Best description of wiki ever. EVER! you two would have a lot in common.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 16 January, 2007  

  • I wrote up a page for Kerry Jones (ex ACM head) and have been amused by a number of the edits since, presumably by ACM types. Somebody removed the word controversial as a description for Jones (but she is! The ACM wanted her and everyone else thought she was an idiot), and then there was somebody who toned down a report of one of her gaffes, which I managed to gazump by making more explicit and adding a reference.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 22 January, 2007  

  • To Eugenie

    Hold on there! This Crazy Carl may have a lot in common with whomsoever penned that Uncyclopedia entry. I am simply the messenger in this particular case. And I may be somewhat unusual but hardly crazy!

    To Conrad

    Interesting entry. I am relieved to discover that more than one of us plays the Wikipedia game. Keep at it.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 05 February, 2007  

  • Just so I can re-edit that Open Door entry on Wikipedia here is the info that needs adding (complete with wiki wingding accents):

    *[[DJ Lethal]] – [[Programming (music)|programming]]
    - *[[Bon Harris]] – additional programming
    - *[[David Campbell (Canadian musician)|David Campbell]] - string arrangement
    - *Seattlemusic – strings
    - *Carrie Lee and Lori Lee – backing vocals on "Call Me When You’re Sober"
    - *Millennium Choir, Los Angeles – background choir

    By Blogger Daniel, At 14 September, 2007  

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