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Long Day Short Lunch

My end-of-year work function this year was different from last year. Then they held it as a dinner in Shepparton (home of most of the staff). This year they decided to hold lunch at a lovely restaurant overlooking the Murray River in the 'Port of Echuca' historic precinct. For those from Shepparton they had a bus take them there and back (allowing them to get extra drinking and cheese-and-crackers in) but for the few of us from Melbourne it was more of a challence. Others who went made a weekend of it and stayed overnight there on Friday and Saturday nights. I however had other things on the weekend that prevented me from taking so much time.

So I spent pretty much all of Saturday travelling just to attend maybe 90 minutes or so of a lunch. I got PT from the burbs to the City. Then V-Line to Shepparton (technically Mooroopna). Then a lift with some workmates to Echuca. Then all of that in reverse and most of it in the hot and smoky conditions we have been facing lately.

On getting there some of those who had been drinking a while had some fun with me by saying things like "your lift will never get you back to the station in time" and "you will have to stay the night in Shepp and cancel your plans for tomorrow morning". They were just ribbing me but I took it at face-value and was secretly concerned. Still I made like I was coping okay with that and managed to enjoy what was a very nice free lunch (they have also reimbursed me for the V-Line return ticket). There was some chatting and group photos. The older staff (40s-50s) seemed to be having a lot more fun and bahaving in a childish manner much moreso than the younger ones (20s-30s).

It is a pity in some ways that I dashed there and back as the port area with its historic shops and paddlesteamers looks interesting. But on the other hand it was nice to get back to Melbourne. I suppose an experience like that reminds me of what a joy it is to live in a city like Melbourne with everything it has in it.



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