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Twelve Month Index

It is six months since I posted my Six Month Index and therefore twelve months since I started blogging. Same thing then as now: “Seems I have written a lot in that time even if I only average one or two posts a week. Here is an index by subject of all those posts. Naturally the subject matter of posts overlaps more than this index suggests. But hey they are my posts so I will sort them any way I want. One thing to note is that I have been posting comments to some of my own posts, in some cases months later. In this sense, some of the oldest posts hold some of the newest content. Hence I have listed from oldest to newest (moreorless)”. Some of the category names have changed however and there is one small new category for recipes.


The innovation of tagging posts with 'labels' in the new Blogger has made these indexes obsolete. The content of the rest of this post is now deleted.


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