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Those of you who know me or Lukas may also know our family dog Bonnie who died on Sunday night at the ripe old age of 14. Bonnie was a German Shepherd with some Kelpie thrown in and was a sweet-natured and fun-loving dog.

She had been pretty decrepit and lethargic in recent months and was to be put down soon but it seems she got to it sooner than we did. She spent her last day lazing in the Richmond share household Lukas lives in. She also was taken for a short visit to a park beside the Yarra on a lovely sunny afternoon and ate some leftovers from an impromptu picnic hamper. I was lucky to be there that afternoon to give her a few more pats.

Here is a cute photo of Bonnie enjoying some time chilling in a garden.

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  • Hey Daniel, I'm sorry to hear that Bonnie has passed away. She was a lovely dog (even if she had issues with Greek letters!).

    By Blogger David Golding, At 29 November, 2006  

  • Huge hugs, Sweetie. I never knew her but I'd heard you talk of her and know your love of animals. Sorry for your loss.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 29 November, 2006  

  • To DaveThanks dude. I forget what this Greek letter thing refers to. I was expecting some sort of comment on her once 'fat thighs'...

    To CateI think you overestimate my animal-lover status. I have a laypersons interest in zoology and I love particular animals but for me the loss of a pet is nothing compared to the loss of a person. Thanks nonetheless

    By Blogger Daniel, At 04 December, 2006  

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