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Phar Lap: Publicist for Synchrotron

I was amused to note the prominence in the papers today of the story that the mysterious death of legendary Australian racehorse Phar Lap has finally been solved by use of synchrotron. The forensic work on some Phar Lap hair was done by a U.S. synchrotron, but nonetheless this story has generated some attention for the Australian Synchrotron, including separate articles about this major project next door to Monash University (Clayton Campus). And what is the word on Phar Lap? The Big Red was killed by someone administering a lethal dose of arsenic, confirming what popular speculation has transmitted over several decades.

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  • You know, I always thought that the Synchrotron was a massive waste of money. I mean, ooo, it can be used to make new drugs, analyse "stuff", probably cure "things". What... eva!

    But to find out it can be used to find out what happened to Phal Lap?! Wow! Build it quicker! We need two!

    On a more serious note...

    Couldn't find any mention on the offical site though...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 23 October, 2006  

  • I just included to Australian Synchrotron link coz of the tacky laser effect graphic that gets you on visiting the site.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 30 October, 2006  

  • for many years, there have been rumors and theories on how "Bobby" died. As an american and a fellow horse lover and racing enthusiast, I've always believed that he was poisoned. Even after all of the years passing and now proving that yes he was poisoned, still delivered a stirring shock. For those who have still wondered after all of these long years, we finally recieved our answer. As for using Phar Lap to advertise the Synchrotron, shame on them for using the story of the tragic death of a cultural and historical icon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 27 November, 2006  

  • Hello... um... Anonymous Horseloving American... the publicity for the Australian Synchrotron was incidental to the story. Phar Lap is still a big story in Melbourne and in reporting the story the media felt it necessary to give some explanation of what a synchrotron is since it cannot be assumed that the public know. The papers presumably contacted the Australian Synchrotron for information rather than the other way around.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 30 November, 2006  

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