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Nuclear Madness

I got a letter published in the Herald-Sun yesterday. Every paper has its own preferred tone of writing and I think I have got the right alarmist tone for a letter expressing dissenting perspectives to be published in the Hun. Here is the text of that letter:

The Herald-Sun headline ('Nuke Bomb Madness', 10/10/06) may as well be broadened to 'Nuclear Madness' because the nuclear industry, whether intended for energy production or weapons of mass destruction, puts all of us at deadly risk. Nuclear arms in the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship like North Korea is a terrifying thing, but the current push for expansion of the nuclear industry worldwide should also give us cause for concern.

Expanding the mining, refining, transporting, consumption, storage and disposal of uranium and spent nuclear fuels is a recipe for disaster, what with those nations wanting to join the club of nuclear arms-bearing nations, and with secret networks of terrorists who have expressed a desire to own 'dirty' nuclear devices. We expand the nuclear industry at our own peril.

In monster movies of the 1950s nuclear mutants like this Atomic Scorpion would best the military in wonky stop-motion animation - if only the reality of nuclear dangers was such fun!

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  • Are you sure the readers of 'the Hun' will be able to understand such polysyllabic words as "totalitarian dictatorship"? Doubtful, if you ask me. But hey, I'm a newpaper snob of the worst kind - Rather than read the Hun, I read none!

    Oh, and by the way, your introduction of Arthropods has lead to a most spectacular celebration of International Funk Day. Thank you and enjoy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 19 October, 2006  

  • But with the largest readership in the state some of its readers have got to get my message. Besides I think that some complicated phrases like "totalitarian dictatorship" have a greater level of recognition than you would expect because of the frequency with which they are used in the mass media.

    Hehehe... I like the way it refers to the conflicting definitions of the Funk (I prefer the music definition personally). My Arthropods entry for Uncyclopedia is still regarded as 'ugly' despite the improvements made to it by helpful strangers. Still, I like the “confusing, but sounds scientific” assessment also given it.

    These parody alternatives to serious forms of media and information are refreshing.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 23 October, 2006  

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