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Musical Genres 1955-2005

I find that I tend to be better at writing non-fiction than fiction. I have recently completed a non-fiction text on the history of popular music over the last half-century. It is something that I have been studying as a layperson for something like a decade now and I eventually decided it would be fun to try and encapsulate all that into one document. It took moreorless 12 months to do very slowly. Once completed I made it into a nicely formatted printed document with a circulation of one. Then it dawned on me that I can 'publish' it on the Internet and then give it a circulation of dozens!

So here it is: Musical Genres 1955-2005

I put it there with some trepidation. It has its flaws. Some of its assertions can be contested. Some of its terminology is unusual. And some of its phrasing is a tad mechanical. Still I think it's worth putting there and it may be interesting or informative to some.


A decade following this entry I have written a reflection on it and what has changed since. See it here. Also I want to reverse my comment aboe that I find I'm better at writing non-fiction than fiction. The new post tooks weeks to prepare on-and-off while in parallel to it I was producing fictional content for my role-players at a rapid rate. Putting into writing even something you think you understand can be difficult. What makes sense in your own 'Thinkese' can be tricky to translate. I think I did okay.



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