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70s Live Action Kids TV

I am fully tripping! Forget designer drugs - all it takes is to look at images from TV shows you last saw over 25 years ago! Bits of your brain that have lay dormant for most of your life suddenly spark into life and it feels... well if anyone remembers these shows they may get the same kind of experience by looking at this site.

It took me a while to come across it. It all started last night - I decided to see what the Internet had on a show I remembered called 'Ark 2000' but there was nothing at all. So I went looking for shows from the same era in the hope that there may be some associations between them (e.g. shared producers). I looked for info on both 'Isis' ("faster than a gazelle... more powerful than the Sahara sun... able to leap the Great Pyramids..." oh never mind) and 'Space Academy' (I made Lego ships inspired by that show) and one way or another did find the common links needed to take me to 'Ark II'...

Seems that my memory of the show has severely distorted over time. As well as changing the name I also remembered aspects of the story differently. So I remember that the cause of its post-apocalyptic setting was solar flares but apparently it was something more human-induced like pollution. I also remember the crew of the shiny futuristic motor home to be a family but they were in fact three non-related 'scientists'. And I remember them having a robot companion but it was in fact a talking chimpanzee!

In 'Ark II' they were looking for a city called Sanctuary that was free from the devastation of the rest of the world. They only ever found a fake Sanctuary but even it was cool - it must have been filmed at some university campus coz it had that look: The first time I ever visited La Trobe Uni Bundoora Campus I suddenly felt like I was in some 70s SF show...

Anyway the link I have provided gives info and images (evocative stuff) on dozens of live-action kids shows from the 70s, most of which were produced by Filmation (who also did animations like 'He Man' and 'She-Ra') and the Kroffts ('Land of the Lost'). And this is just the American shows from our childhood. Does anyone other than me get blown away by this stuff?

A sequel of sorts has since been written for this entry...



  • Just one more thing: Everyone tells me that a 'Wiki' is a website that anybody can make changes to. It looks like Wiki was in fact a pocket-sized robot from 'Jason of Star Command' (sequel to 'Space Academy') way back in 1978-1981!

    By Blogger Daniel, At 05 March, 2006  

  • If you're interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the movie.

    By Blogger Enik1138, At 29 June, 2009  

  • Thanks reptilian dude!

    By Blogger Daniel, At 06 February, 2011  

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