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A City Adventure

On a spare day last week I went into the City. I had just one purpose for my visit which was to deliver some handbills promoting an NFA benefit (see 'Things I am involved in' on sidebar) to stalls at the Sustainable Living Festival in Federation Square. That task was done in a jiffy but since I was in the City I decided to go do other stuff at whim.

At the intersection of Swanston and Bourke I stopped to be entertained by a busker. This dude was from Japan but he played the blues like he was born in the Mississippi Delta. Sat and took it all in and even dropped him some coin.

After that popped into Comics R Us which buys and sells second-hand collector toys. I go there once in a while to look at classic Transformers and this time also saw some newly acquired Legoland Space stuff circa 1980 - talk about flashbacks.

I then decided to get some new jeans at Target and on a whim abandoned my standard blue for some black jeans. This was something I regretted on getting home and remembering that we live with two white cats. I think I may need to invest in one of those clothes brush things.

Then I wanted to get to the Bendigo Bank on Elizabeth Street and decided to take a backstreets way. Part of my route took me through Melbourne-on-Collins (shopping arcade) and there I came upon the Three Minute Angels - basically two masseurs, two chairs and one banner (announcing 'Three Minute Angels: Five Minute Neck & Shoulder Massages'). I decided a massage was just what I needed and it was good. Apparently they started giving just three minute massages (hence the name) but decided that more time was needed to do a proper routine. The other interesting thing is that they let the customer decide price at the end of the massage (with $10 to $20 as the average given) which is nice but also tricky as you may be torn between showing your appreciation and saving a buck. Also had a smothie in the food court there.

Finally got to the bank and then went back to Flinders Street Station. Naturally I have had many such 'city adventures' in my time but this one is the freshest in my mind so - what the heck - this one can stand here recorded as a representation of all other such days.

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