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Photon Twirling

I went to a party on the weekend at which some fire twirling was happening. It's a pity my brother Lukas missed it as he has been very into fire twirling for some time. He has been branching into the use of electronic light batons that look very cool and add a whole new dimension to the craft. Lukas has even got a web address dedicated to fire twirling but is yet to do anything with it. I figure that my linking to it will give him some incentive to put stuff on the site. Others may want to think the same way...



  • I have recently visited Lukas and he showed me this awesome retro astronaut cum robot constume he has made to wear while photon twirling. It has a speaker in the chest which can play music from a music playing devise worn on the wrist (since he always twirls to music).

    I hope he gets a chance soon to perform at a setting all his old Monash friends can enjoy. It can be tricky to get a fix on this computer programer by day fire-twirling feral by night!

    By Blogger Daniel, At 16 May, 2006  

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