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Swampy Dream

I woke this morning from a dream that seems worth relating.  I was in some kind of swamp wading in water that was anything from knee-deep to shoulder-deep.  There were reedy parts but also open expanses of water and I was wading along some sort of winding pathway between the reeds.  I was relaxed in this setting except for one time I had to stay still while a snake swam across my path.

Eventually I came to what I was looking for - a big mound made of mud and branches well above the waterline.  I knew I was looking for it despite that fact that I cannot tell you now why.  I also knew that it was hollow.  Someone or something was inside and I wanted them to come outside.  So I started poking at the mound with a stick.  Eventually the inhabitant of the mound emerged - Sith Gollum!

Yep - basically it was Gollum from Lord of the Rings holding a red light-saber a-la Star Wars.  We were initiating one-on-one combat and I think Sith Gollum made some swaggering comment (e.g. "I am strong with the Dark Side my precious") just as I woke from the dream.  On waking I knew there was something peculiar about the character but it took me a minute or so to realise that it drew on two completely different universes - the combination of Gollum + Sith seemed so natural.

This is an unusual dream for me.  The wandering alone in some natural setting is normal.  The presence of a lot of water is also normal.  But the inclusion of elements from fantasy and science fiction is abnormal.  Most of my dreams are more mundane than that.  Substitute a personal friend (or possibly a person who is an amalgam of a few different friends) in for the fictional character and you have a much better picture of what my dreams are normally like.  Of course if it were a friend then we would be chatting over food and drink rather than fighting!



  • Gollum = the Anti-Yoda?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 21 January, 2006  

  • Yes Jac I suppose they are similar. Both are small. Both talk funny. Both are at home in swamps. And both can be rendered by puppetry or computer graphics (I did once see a puppet Gollum in a live play of The Hobbit). And yet both are polar opposites in terms of morality. I suppose there is some sense in it.

    However I am the last person to suggest that dreams need make sense. There are those who think the incoherent jumbling of concepts and images in dreams can enlighten us in ways that conscious introspection cannot. I am skeptical. To those who say a dolphin in a dream represents something I say - yes - it represents a dolphin!

    I prefer to think of dreams as "the screen saver of the brain" - they take all the structured and rigid arrangement of wakeful thinking and give them a good old shake!

    By Blogger Daniel, At 22 January, 2006  

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