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Gloria & Requiem

At the time this entry is date-stamped I wrote:

On Friday 18 May from 8pm the Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) will perform both the Gloria by Vivaldi and the Requiem by Mozart. We will be performing with instrumentalists and the music will be awesome. The MonUCti are rehearsing like mad.

Ours will be the only function at the All Saints Anglican Church (across from Astor Cinema) that night so we will be spared the complications we suffered at Federation Square. Anyone who is interested in coming along to this moving performance can contact me to buy tickets.

Well I never managed to sell any tickets (due to some accidental clashes that night) but it hardly mattered as the group as a whole did a lot of work in promotions and sale and the church was practically full (I did do some letterboxing for the group so feel a bit better as a result of that). With such a big audience we would want to do well and we did. There were a few bodgy bits here-and-there but they were passing moments in what was an otherwise decent show. It was one of the few times I can remembering enjoying the experience in the very moment. In one movement I was smiling - the conducter was indicating that he wanted smiles but I was smiling anyway coz some of the experience of singing that stuff was thrilling.

I felt all in a buzz afterwards and evidently that was the vibe for many. The customary rendition of Laudate (sung back in the room allocated for choristers to rest) afterwards was most bombastic. And then the after-party in Caulfield - well - it was a blast. It had been a work day and as such my alarm had rung at 6:30am. And by the time I got home from the party and fell asleep I reckon it was 6:30am the next day! I am somewhat impressed that I can still pull 24-hours wakefulness like that. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves...



  • For me, the 'in the moment' singing joy is happening more frequently. Perhaps it's an age thing, perhaps it's just that I've been singing more often, and with other people for a change.

    I'm glad to hear your Gloria and Requiem went well, and that you enjoyed performing it.

    By Blogger Jac, At 21 May, 2007  

  • I get that singing thrill more frequently with singing along to popular tunes. It is the difficulty of classical music that inhibits it for me. But give me an iPod and a public-free stretch of pathway (e.g. Scotchmans Creek) on which to sing and that can be lots of fun.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 23 May, 2007  

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