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Political Objectives Test Anniversary

The Political Objectives Test has been on-line for twelve months now and has been taken over 6000 times. In the next few days (more like weeks) I will do some 'number crunching' and present some observations on information collected to date. It will take a bit of writing but stay tuned...

Since having started writing this entry something has gone bung at OKCupid. Now my test will only give a catagory name result and omit the all-important description paragraphs. I cannot fix it and the site administrators themselves are slack in responding to my comments. This has prompted me to use Blogger to make a site on which I can put all text relating to the Political Objectives Test in one safe (fingers crossed) location. You can take a look at it here and once my number crunching is done I will post my 'findings' there...

Mover & Shaker

The test is now working fine once more. I had to re-enter all the text of questions and answers. I hit some button to submit the text and the OKCupid site somehow interpreted the test as a brand new one. So suddenly it is listed as a 'New User Test' thereby getting it renewed attention and this time it seems to be more popular. So much so that it also got listed as a 'Mover & Shaker' (in other words a test with rapid growth in visits) and suddenly my modest test has hit the 10,000 mark for times taken. I have even got some fan mail! Hehehe...

This is all very gratifying but I still need to do my number crunching on the old info I collected. The publication of my 'findings' is starting to look like some sort of government project - it will happen but well past due date and over budget (in the sense that I will have spent more on electricity and iced coffees in the time I take to do it).

It was finally completed and shared here.

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