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I have been noticing how particular products have changed over time and the interesting thing is that they seem to have changed for my benefit. Here are a few instances of that…

They played cartoons on Saturday mornings when I was in primary school but then they played music videos when I was at secondary – which is exactly the way I wanted it.

Drinks that were once sold to my parents in big bottles to keep in the pantry to give us kids as a way of getting us to consume something both nutritious and tasty are now sold at convenience stores in small bottles for adults to have ‘on the go’.

And ice creams on a stick that were once the preserve of children are now advertised as ‘adult’ indulgences.

Why? Maybe my generation have more discretional funds than others. Maybe product developers think that we still have childish tastes that simply need rebadging to placate our adult egos. Well whatever it is I am off to get me a Magnum Ego ™ right now…



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