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Old For New

There have been a few 'year-in-review' Internet memes circulating currently that I am tempted to partake in but somehow I keep holding back. I am much more expansive now in my online communication than I once was. And yet these sets of questions still sit strangely for me. I prefer to pose the questions that I then answer. I also think that I need more time to process some things - for me 2010 sort of started three months in so it may be fitting for me to defer such musings for now.

And to be perfectly honest I have done lots of communicating this year in rather more old-fashioned ways. I am grateful to those who have helped me to express and explore who I am - my sheer volume of words alone must be exhausting to you. Having you all in my life has made the journey so much more worthwhile.

So how then to end my blogging for 2010? I was thinking of taking inspiration from television and putting together a sort of "flashbacks" episode. But then even that seemed like too much work (given I am still behind in sending some festive greetings).

I have settled then on linking back to just one past blog entry - one of the oldest and possibly my favourite. It is essay-like in its exploration of a topic. It serves as a book review. It celebrates a neglected historical figure. It also betrays personal aspects of who I am. And finally it is fannish declaration of love which I think is a very Internetty thing to do.

So for those with the stamina I once more present the wonderful Aphra Behn. The opening line is a classic if I do say so myself...



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