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Practical Anecdote

With this entry I will focus on events older than this blog and on a close long-term friend just like in this post. I have known Avril for half my life since we both hung in the Korner scene at Monash Uni. Avril makes all sorts of conversations and events that bit more interesting and... random... and one of the things she is known for is creative and playful pranks.

Avril has sent classic novels with passages underlined in the mail from rural locales to perplexed friends. She has delivered odd-looking kitch objects to the front door steps of other friends. And the ironic thing is that over time she cultivated a sort of culture of pranking among her friends such that she has been subjected to far more practical jokes than she has ever perpetrated. Thus this post will be a lot like others on this blog and is actually about me.

Nobody would ever think of me as a practical joker and yet that is what I have been on occasion... as far as Avril is concerned. I have drawn inspiration from a common bit of Internet slang and placed tins of Spam in her letterbox. I did this for a while till another friend even did a copy-cat Spamming of her letterbox!

I have taken advantage of the grassy public laneway behind her property to throw balls over her back fence. I started with the most common of balls such as tennis and golf balls. Then they got rarer and strangers till I was hurling bouncy ghoul eyes into her yard. What did Avril do? Her neighbours have grandkids and she assumed the balls came from them so she just threw them over her side fence. I wonder what response that got!

Moving into the present day I am proud to have minimized resource usage by initiating an online prank for Avril. I noticed that a few friends happened to have Facebook profile pictures of themselves with Avril and that got me thinking. It suggested a connectedness and a presence in the lives of others. It also suggested an amusing game to play. So I started an 'event' on which a whole lot of our friends would change their profile pic to one of themselves with Avril all on the same day.

It worked very well. There were dozens involved on the day and lots of awesome pics. She was rather perplexed to start with and writing things like "its a conspiracy" but apparently needed some amusing that day and the prank did the trick. I am chuffed that it worked. I just wonder whether I now should be wary of any kind of revenge coming my way...



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