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Four Corners

I have been writing overly long and involved blog posts lately so here is something a bit more relaxed - an internet meme.

"Take photos of your bedroom from its four corners. For each photo provide information on some of the key contents of your room."

Luckily I have managed to keep my room tidy. Here I go...

South-East Corner

It can barely be seen but on my window sill is a ceramic fur seal. I got it ages ago during a visit of Korner friends to the St Kilda craft market. I do identify somewhat with marine mammals - I am connected to water even if I detest the food that comes from it!

Stuck to the wall is a sketch-cum-display incorporating medieval fantasy miniatures. The frame is a shoebox lid.

Hanging from a hook is the sock monkey Avril made for me which I call the Raja coz to me he looks Indian somehow. The thing with creative and generous friends is that they tend to have a disproportionate effect on your decor.

My desk is my window onto the world (rather than onto the yard) due to its net connection. From here I send this to you all in the hope it may be of passing interest. The desk and also the handy plastic draws came originally from my 12 months in Canberra.

South-West Corner

That black iron framework thing is fantastic. It was left in the shed by some past residents and the estate agents told me that we were free to dispose of it. So naturally I made use of it to display lots of lovely things. It is designed to hang clothes but the room has a huge wardrobe for that so I just filled the blank wall space with a splash of natural beauty in that waterfall poster (which originally hung in the now long-closed Australian Democrats Victorian Division Office).

On display are my most useful or interesting books. Also a ceramic Moroccan drum (which my brother Lukas once smashed and then super-glued all back together). Also a sampling of my favourite three kinds of toy - Transformers... Legoland Space... Star Wars Figures (with a Triceratops to keep them company).

North-West Corner

Stuck to my wardrobe doors are a sampling of hand-made novelty greeting cards. Ages ago I attempted to sell such things at a stall at the Monash Craft Market. I only ever covered material costs. In moving back to Melbourne and looking at old memorabilia I came across these and decided to display them as a reminder to me that I am creative but that there are limits to how much that creativity can enrich my life.

It can barely be seen but on the mirror by the door is a TransperiScore that MonUCS members may remember from a recent comedic camp revue act. Look at your music and the conductor at the same time!

North-East Corner

The painting on the wall is another Avril but some assume it is mine because of my thing for landscapes. However I have never bothered with messy sticky paints. Something to try in future.

My bedside table has a lone scented candle on it. There were once many more. For one birthday party ages ago (friends may remember I almost took over the now long-closed Wei Wah Chinese Restaurant in Clayton) practically everyone decided I needed scented candles! Do I look that New Age? Well whatever. I keep one just for the heck of it - I think it is mocha-scented.

Finally there is a life drawing I did as part of a short course at Monash ages ago. The online image of it says it is my "best ever sketch" but I now suspect that some things I have done recently are of a similar level. In newer ones I even try my hand at drawing feet!

* * * * *

Well that was my four corners guided tour. Time now to go to bed.

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