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Peace Post

My blogging content has been kinda heavy lately so I’m moving onto something more fun (but with a kernel of significance to it). Back in 1989-1991 the world changed just a bit more than it usually does. The Cold War ended with a flurry of seemingly spontaneous and generally peaceful revolutions. Another lingering concern for the world – Apartheid – also ended. I was of sufficient age to appreciate it and - of more personal impact - I got to meet relatives estranged till then by the Berlin Wall. I also find that the vibe of those changes affected some of the music back then.

I will link to a few video clips of some songs I'm thinking of. They are nothing unusual for popular music of the time but I feel they all exhibit a sense of the times. There is a dash of the psychedelic in them (moreso in the imagery than in the music itself) as if to say that the desires of the late 60s had come to fruition. More importantly the words of these songs tell us of the fervent hope for a lasting change for the better. Here they are…

Beatfish: Wheels Of Love

Jesus Jones: Right Here Right Now

And from a bit later on…

Lenny Kravitz: Believe

All these songs make me feel good you dig? But history never ends. Wars still rage here-and-there and weapons of mass destruction hang over the fate of humanity. As always we are a work-in-progress. I will end this post with a push for Nuclear Abolition Day. Peace out!

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