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Moving On?

Writing this entry is difficult for me and its content may be surprising to others. Petra and I have decided to call it a day (or whatever other euphemistic line helps me admit the truth). Some of the circumstances that have contributed to this were foreshadowed here.

What happens in a relationship is private but the existence of that same relationship is public and some explanation of change is usually expected. So I will say that, as much as we were enjoying the present, we recognized problems looming in the future.

In many ways I think moving back to Melbourne will be a worthwhile thing for me. And yet I cannot help but feel that this is a significant step backwards. While settling back in I will also be re-evaluating a number of things in my life with a focus on what truly works for me rather than what is supposed to work.

I can be philosophical. I can rationalize. But I also must recognize that a very important chapter in my life is ending. I have never lived with a partner till now... never been with someone this long... never felt as relaxed with anyone as this... and this will affect me for some time. There is always more I could say but sometimes nothing says it better than schmaltz (the specific content of that song may differ from my experience but the feeling is accurate).

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