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Summer Calling

As I sit at the monitor visions come to me of other times and places. It is as if the combination of winter and routinised work (which I am now starting to get the hang of hence it becoming routine) serves to summon snatches of memory of more sunny experiences. And it is different from the following experience...

From 9-to-5 I have to spend my time at work
My job is very boring I'm an office clerk
The only thing that helps me pass the time away
Is knowing I'll be back in Echo Beach some day

In the Martha And The Muffins song I think the singer is describing a deliberate practice. In my case the images just come to me at random. It may be some classic Summer memory of spending days in a beach house with friends. It may be nothing more exciting than walking along some suburban street in better conditions. But it seems to happen particularly at this time of year. Is it a lack of sensory stimulation that my brain is seeking to compensate for I wonder.

We have had some nice days lately. But I am still pining for warmer conditions and more sunshine. Bring on Spring and then Summer I say.

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  • How lovely to daydream... hope the routineness of work still leaves time for other things (like singing).

    You don't need to daydream of more temperate climes, though - just book a flight to the NT! :)

    I'll soon be daydreaming of cooler climes as we approach the 'build up' - a relentlessly humid and stiflingly sticky hot season that attaches the dry season (also known as 'cold weather time' - only reaching low 30s every day!) to the wet season (predictable monsoonal rains day in day out; grass that doesn't stop growing; swimming pools that amazingly don't overflow).

    Not sure where I dream of being while sitting in front of the screen. Possibly cuddling a cat in my backyard. Yep, it would definitely involve a cat.

    Hope you are well. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 05 August, 2008  

  • The buildup sounds scary. I wonder how I would even feel just being that faraway from the coast. I like most humans cling to the coastline. Still it would be funn to visit the Territory sometime...

    By Blogger Daniel, At 21 August, 2008  

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