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Blogging Frequency

I am finding it more difficult to stick to my moreorless weekly blogging intention. What with a new job and a long-distance relationship I find I may still have the inspiration of topics but am short on the spare time and energy. Writing takes effort! I am contemplating how to address this.

One notion is to reduce to a monthly frequency. I also have to keep in mind that I have other on-line projects on the backburner. I also have an LJ (currently a monthly commitment) and the old Political Objectives Test site to complete.

I suppose I could always do the normal thing of only blogging as the oportunity arises. But how messy is that? I am anal in some things after all. On the other hand what matters more - (a) an internet presence or (b) a life? I think I will prioritise the latter. We shall see how we go.

Still I may have more interesting things to discuss next week...



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