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Scary Scarab

In my recent wanderings I have stumbled upon one of the strangest things in Melbourne. In Canterbury is something that looks like a Masonic hall from the railway line. But at closer inspection it is much stranger. The usual compass and set-square is absent but there is a scarab beetle holding a golden sun-disc. Emulation Hall is one peculiar bit of architecture. Take a look at my photos of it - now that is some crazy shit right there!

What am I supposed to think on seeing such an ostentatious representation of ancient paganism on a prominent historic structure? The more eccentric aspects of Freemasonry are supposed to be all hush-hush. Needless to say I was intrigued. And like any occult investigator worth his salt I immediately started googling. I discovered that there is info online regarding 'Emulation' as some strand or aspect of Freemasonry but I have been too busy to look into it yet. Others are welcome to help me in my detective work.

One more thing I can say - there was an advertisement outside the hall for some kind of Chess association. Now it is commonplace for all sorts of organisations to hire the halls of other organisations for meeting purposes. But what if there is some link between Chess geeks and Freemasons steeped in the Occult? I never trusted those Chess geeks! Possibly I am just tired from having started a new job. Possibly I am excited at the prospect of seeing the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend and am imagining all sorts of ancient hidden magical nonsense. Or possibly there is something very secret and sinister happening in the calm and stately side streets of Canterbury...


Since writing this I have had the oportunity to explore a former Masonic hall and got to go into the forbidden meeting chamber hidden in a wardrobe. I even got to sit in a throne!

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