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Blogging Still Alive?

I have for a while been noticing that I spend less time looking at blogs and likewise that others spend less time looking at mine. In its first six months (November 2005 to April 2006) this blog got an average of between 2 and 3 comments per blog entry. Now in the last six months (November 2007 to April 2008) it has averaged less than 1 comment per entry.

My most recent post on parenting licences concept has broken the mould with some vigorous discussion. But I can hardly post on something controversial and outlandish every week now can I? I never aspired to be one of those deliberately provocative bastard political bloggers anyway!

What has changed? Can it be that the development of blogging, which seemed to cut into the activity of discussion groups, has itself taken a hit from the newer phenemenon of networking sites like Facebook? Or have my friends just got more busy lives? What other factors may there be? Comments from fellow bloggers welcome...

And Another Thing

Once in a blue moon a stranger will came across ones blog and make one aware of this by communicating with one. Just today I got an email from someone promoting a jobs information site. That site had published an item on the Hundred Best Jobs For Lazybones and they were asking if I would promote it "to my readers" simply (one assumes) on the grounds that my blog has the word "lazy" in its name! Well I think the content of the linked article is a tad flippent for the subject matter but I am a sucker for flattery. Take a look at the link if you will my loyal readers (teehee).



  • The number of my comments can probably be correlated to the number of my own weblog posts. Parenting has taken a big hit on my time and mind, so I am less likely to write. I keep meaning to. I nearly did comment on your parenting license post. But I just couldn't order my thoughts sufficiently to say anything worthwhile.

    By Blogger David Golding, At 15 May, 2008  

  • I post regularly (moreso you than you do now) and yet I have had a definite reduction in respondents. Possibly your content is more interesting (mind you I cannot fathom how beer is that interesting).

    The parent licence issue is a tricky one to know what to say and how to say it. It definitely provoked a response.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 21 May, 2008  

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