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I try to put a new post onto this blog weekly but I am behind that target at present. I have nothing much to comment on or report that cannot be better done at some later date. However I have been working on some other on-line projects. You may remember that I utilised the format of a blog for my Musical Genres 1955-2005 essay. Now I am using the same format for two other things.

One is my fantasy game setting known as The Lands while the other is my fictitious spoof political party which I have named Me First! They are pretty bare at present but I will be posting content onto them every now and then. Much of that content exists now as off-line documents so a lot of the work has been done. But there is always some fiddly re-formatting to be done to 'blogsize' it which is why I will only do it over time.



  • I really love the "Me First" party concept. Your really have the internal party conflicts under control (unless you develop a multiple personality disorder). It is so salient in the current political climate. :-P

    The question for me is whether to join the "Me Too" arm of your party or to form the "No - *ME* first!" party to provide a nemisis for you to scheme and strive against.

    By Anonymous Jac, At 11 May, 2006  

  • I'd like to see you try! (-8}

    By Blogger Daniel, At 11 May, 2006  

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