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One Week To Go

And I am a bit over it I have to admit.

Candidacy can be an enriching but also an exhausting experience and the Chisholm electorate is one of those marginals that takes more of an interest in politics and demands more of its candidates. Most aspects of that demand I have accepted cheerfully but to those handful of anonymous correspondents who presume to tell us what to do but never justify why - well - your involvement in the political process is entirely counter-productive and we have a much wider constituency to cater to than just yourselves! Rant over.

In the last week I will be getting much more into meeting voters face-to-face at Early Voting Centres. And then on Saturday we will be covering as many polling places as we can with volunteers. If you can help offering How-To-Vote (HTV) cards to voters on Saturday then do contact me as very bit helps.

I will also be looking in the local papers this week to see if any of my statements or profiles are published (fingers crossed) and have put information on a number of on-line sites.

Have you noticed how some product advertisements have taken on an election theme? I find most of them annoying but the Krispy Kreme ad is kinda fun. I rather like the spoof of the Australian Democrats as 'Lemoncrats' who "take on the more zesty issues"...

Onward to the festival of democracy!



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