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Ein Deutches Requiem & Te Deum

On the date this entry is postmarked I wrote the following:

On Friday 19 October from 8pm the Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) will perform both Ein Deutches Requim by Brahms and Te Deum by Dvorak. We will be performing with instrumentalists and the music will be lovely. The concert will be held at Saint Mark's Anglican Church... in Fitzroy... I am happy to sell tickets to all comers. In fact I will be bugging some of you personally to come to this excellent event!

Well I managed to sell four tickets (family and friends) and thankfully the efforts of the group overall got a decent audience along which was just as well since we pulled off another cracking performance. We were feeling pretty shaky till the last week but then it all seemed to come together suddenly and was alright on the night. I wonder at that phenomenon: Can one get better suddenly or is it that we were getting better bit-by-bit but only in ways we could notice in the last few rehearsals. Anyway...

It was a fun night despite the tiredness and soreness that comes from standing still in formal shoes for too long. The cameraderie of the group and the fun of the post-concert party all made it worthwhile... O and the joy of the music in some of its more powerful or beautiful moments.



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