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Melbourne Romp

I keep forgetting to report that a few weeks back I participated in the inaugural Melbourne Romp. The Romp is a new annual charity event that is like a kind of scavenger hunt (collecting information rather than objects) with the city of Melbourne as its focus. I was part of a team of choristers with the name Five Monarchs On A Rock.

Five of us are from the Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) while the sixth is from the RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS). We even had slapdash costumes of Roman, medieval, fantasy, Tudor and Regency monarchs.

The biggest contribution I made to the group was in drawing the team logo from which those costume concepts came. Other than that I just clicked into follower mode and let my younger and cleverer peers do the thinking. We did a whole lotta walking and got a bit too much Sun. We saw lots of our hometown and crossed paths with many other teams (some of them in themed dress) - it was as if half of Melbourne was participating in the Romp. The use of mobile phones to report in answers to clues at one time crashed the network! Clues would take teams to all sorts of historic and contemporary sites in the City (from the well-known Shot Tower to the more obscure but fantastic skyscraper at 333 Collins Street).

If you enjoy walking and chatting with friends and discovering all the secret bits of your City then I recommend the Melbourne Romp to you.

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