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I have been wanting to write a new short story this month. I have done nothing creative (other than commentary on the creativity of others) here since I finished the Gumshoe Telepath story (which apparently is seventy-odd words too short to even be considered a science fiction novelette). The problem is that imagining concepts (including characters and settings) complete with Technicolor motion imagery is so much simpler than having to put all that into written words in whole sentences and paragraphs.

I also have the somewhat obsessively been sticking with a personal policy of blogging twice a month and today is the last day of the month so I have to post something here. But what? Well if you cannot write something you can always write about that experience. So here I will put into print a few of the concepts that I hope to turn into short fiction in the coming months...

Logan's Week

In the short story Visiting Logan I made use of a character called Logan Mallee. I want to revisit this elderly fellow and this time examine his life from his perspective. How does an elderly retiree living alone (except for his trusty dog) pass the time and give some definition and interest to his week? This will be what I hope to explore in Logan's Week.

The Five Civilizations

The futuristic Terran student Jasmin was encountered in both Field Trippers and History Project. She lives as part of a universe in which Five Civilizations co-exist and together dominate the Milky Way galaxy. I want to produce background notes describing these five - Aldebaranese, Polarans, Chichilans, Centauri and Terrans - and how they came into contact with one another. I also want to produce some sort of short story conveyed via the personal journal of Jasmin in which she describes how she has become the member of an exploratory space mission involving members of all five species. As of this moment it has the working title of 'Mission Globular Cluster'. In it I hope to surpass other fictional starship crews for inclusiveness while also poking some fun at the desire to do just that.

The Titans Of Titan

This last concept draws on none of my past writings but rather is inspired by other works of fiction and so will be a bit like fan fiction. It will be a story within a story. The external story will focus on the young new ruler of the Duchy Of Grand Fenwick in the 1980s who becomes obsessed with Transformers and decides to devise her own catalogue of converting toys. The entire micro-nation is mobilized to work on this project. Part of that project is a promotional television show combining live action and stop-motion model animation. That show will be the internal story of a race of alien robots discovered in the ice of the Saturnian moon Titan. Because of this origin they will be given nick-names by humans drawn from the Titans of ancient Greek religion. The leader of the villains will be called Kronos while the heroic leader will be known as Prometheus. In developing character and toy descriptions I will be somewhat informed by this old post.

* * * * *

I have a lot to go on with. Getting all these done could take me a few years. I only sometimes get the inspiration and motivation to put concepts into full written form. Still having this to refer back to may help me in that.



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