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Gumshoe Telepath Index

Here I present the seven instalments of my futuristic detective fiction story which still has the working title of Gumshoe Telepath in the form of links so that the entire tale can be accessed via this webpage.

1. Awake - Disturbed sleep and a holographic late-night call set the scene.

2. Brunch - In a cafe politics is discussed and coffee vanishes.

3. Run! - The exceptional plasticity of one brain is employed in solving organized crime.

4. Drunk - In a retro sports car heavy petting is interrupted for more important things.

5. News - Someone finally gets a clue and the news is way too relevant for comfort.

6. Mirrors - The implications of some neurons are so important they are worth killing for.

7. Maze - Our story ends in an alleyway with consequences for many more than just our intrepid protagonists.

Comments on the overall story are most welcome.



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