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My posts have been a bit too involved lately. Here is something simpler and more fun. It is a list of some of my favourite things in particular categories. It is rather like those list memes that do the rounds of sites like LiveJournal from time-to-time. Some of these categories are a bit specific or unusual however. That is in part because I find it difficult to decide my favourites within the usual more conventional or more general groupings. I like too many things. For instance - favourite musical genre? There are simply too many to choose from. This ironically takes me into areas for which I only have passing interest (such as architecture). If you only have so much exposure to something you only need to consider a limited amount of information. So onto my list...

1. Favourite skyscraper in my city: 333 Collins Street Melbourne

2. Favourite painting by an artist of my nationality: The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin

3. Favourite zoo exhibit: The seals or sealions ;)

4. Favourite invertebrate: Ants

5. Favourite extinct life-form: Triceratops

6. Favourite flowering plant: Bottlebrush

7. Favourite food smell: Currently the smell of sesame oil drives me nuts

8. Favourite non-food smell: Chlorine (due to swimming pool association)

9. Favourite hat: Currently my grey 'old feller' cap (a cold conditions necessity just now)

10. Favourite spectator sport: The last thing of its kind I went to was Roller Derby - it was confusing and fast-moving and fun and there was a ska band there

11. Favourite modern instrument neglected in popular music: Cannot decide between electric organ and saxophone. So many 'guitar bands' (even my favourite) would be improved by more of these.

12: Favourite TV Theme: Magnum PI

13. Favourite Black And White movie: Casablanca

14. Favourite poem: Kubla Khan by Coleridge

15. Favourite morality tale or fable: A draw between Stone Soup or The North Wind And The Sun

16. Favourite childhood toy: I now very much miss this amazing multi-level department store in which the shoppers had ball bearings in their bases that allowed them to roll along the slightly sloping levels and down holes all the way into cars in the basement level. Lukas had a similar toy but of a service station. I cannot recall the brand name and net searches give me nothing. Edit - I have since identified it!

17. Favourite childhood game: Scarecrow Tiggy (indeed it was fun as an adult too)

18. Favourite season: Spring (I am lucky to be hayfever free)

19. Favourite century: Twentieth Century AD

20. Favourite Platonic Solid: Icosahedron

You may want to check the last one on Wikipedia. I am sure many more could be added but I will rest at twenty. Others may want to reproduce this with their own responses. Or modify it and make it more suited to themselves.



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