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Rights For Humans

In this entry I described my reduced degree of a civic life and since then nothing much has changed. There is the odd bit of political action or discussion but it is comparatively rare. I am a particular combination of lazy and busy that limits just how much I will extend into different spheres of activity.

I never even made that Amnesty International (AI) letter-writing brunch a monthly part of my calendar as I had intended. But then the core work of AI is in letter writing and that can be done on the Internet at home. I just forget to make it part of a routine. I want it to be like my habit of regular blogging.

With that in mind I have added a new link to the sidebar of Lazy Luddite Log under the term 'Human Rights' which takes me to this page. As that is my homepage I will frequently be looking there and with any luck will regularly click on the link and do some letter writing.

All sorts of basic rights are undermined the world over by governments but letter writing campaigns are shown to have some impact on just how much those governments are prepared to abuse the power given them (or in too many cases taken by them). Public opinion matters and I am a part of that.



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