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Bucket List

It have recently been using the phrase "Bucket List" but it occurs to me that I have been formulating such a set of aims for much longer. The concept is a rather morbid one - it is the list of things you hope to do before you "kick the bucket". However I think it can be given another twist - it is those things you hope to do as soon as you reasonably can because life has a way of distracting you from the good things. The focus then shifts from the ultimate 'then' to the relative 'now'.

I have never written this list nor do I intend to. It is an ever-changing incremental set of intensions. Besides a lot of what falls into my mental bucket list is retrospective. I never particularly regarded "singing a solo at a public performance while cross-dressed" as a life objective but once circumstances directed me into such an action I decided - yes - this was a fun and distinctive thing to do. It has now been added to the list of anecdotes I can recall with friends as we reminisce on shared experiences.

It is also a rather modest list and hardly one to crow from the rooftops. Heck - one of those items recently crossed off the list was to visit Hallam. Why? Well it was the one suburb within the Federal electorate of Holt that I had never visited during my time as a candidate there. The fact that I have now been there (on the same day as an interview in the area) makes zero difference to my political experiences but it does fulfil basic curiosity and a sense of completeness.

The imperative to "collect the set" is one instilled in children by toy advertisements. It definitely drove my accumulation of Transformers. It has also been a characteristic of my gathering of some experiences. However I am very mindful of limitations and so I am interested in a well-rounded set of experiences (rather than the often prohibitively difficult objective of having "everything"). So I have been to every state and territory even if in some cases I have only set foot in the capital city. My desire for the comprehensive rather than the complete was explored somewhat back in this old post.

I will end with just one thing I now think I should experience that I have to date always evaded - riding a roller-coaster. It surprises many that I have never done this and possibly I should do what so many others have done for the sake of a fleeting thrill. A visit to Luna Park with some friends may be on the cards.



  • Well in February 2013 I went with a few friends to the century-old Luna Park in St Kilda and went on the 'Scenic Railway' roller coaster. I was more concerned by the bumpiness of the ride than the downhill runs themselves but did get a thrill from them. It was fun and I'm happy I did it but I will also say I prefer gentler rides.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 07 February, 2013  

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