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I have now participated to varying degrees (sometimes in a very indolent way) in a number of Choral Intervarsity Festivals and am currently involved in my sixth because Melbourne IV has hit my hometown! This national event of seventeen days duration is two thirds done and yet I feel inclined to enthuse now while I have a free night at home online.

So far this has been one of my favourite and they have all been rewarding experiences. Some of those experiences from MIV 2012 are as follows...

* Travel - Yes Melbourne is my home but there has still been travel because in the first week of two we had a rehearsal camp in the Gippsland township of Rawson. It was cold and wet but that was okay as we had warmed common areas and a lot of human warmth to share. Also since we have returned to Melbourne there have been venues for music and partying that have also been new to me.

* Musical Competence - I am far from the best chorister but I attended all rehearsals for our first of two concerts. This was in part because most of them were at camp and - well - I was a bit of a captive to the purpose of our residence there. However I was also more attentive than I have been in the past and got on top of the Requiem by Berlioz. I also enjoyed performing at the Melbourne Town Hall as part of the knee-melting contingent of first basses (which in turn was part of a marvellous contingent of choristers and instrumentalists that produced as much volume as I think I have experienced sans amplification).

* Recognition - It is odd to be part of a crowded gathering and be noticed by those new to you. This seemed to happen a bit for me and it is always a tad disconcerting. It was partly facilitated by some of the traditions of the Choral Intervarsity Movement. One of those practices is getting "banged for a joke" (a formalized way of invoking a joke-telling from someone during a shared mealtime). I have never done too well with jokes - I think of them as oddly formalized "units of humour" and I frankly prefer the ebb-and-flow of humour that comes with everyday human interactions. However I had an old joke prepared for just such a banging and a week later at our academic dinner it was voted the most popular. Astounding!

* Sociability - Many seem to think I am an extrovert who finds ways of getting on with everyone just like that. The truth is more complex. I am middling on the scale between extrovert and introvert. I need alone time (part of why I love walking and public transport). I am selective in how much contact I invest in others. The thing that may distort all this however is that I put a lot of effort into thinking on how best to interact with others. I call it diplomacy. I think I have done well so far in giving attention to those that matter to me in a way that fits our respective commitments and timeframes. I hope so anyway.

* Awesome Humans - There are many among us who are talented and inspiring and brilliant and generous and warm and caring. Whether they do something hilarious in a revue act or make an event happen behind-the-scenes or fix problems as they happen everyone makes a contribution to the success of the whole human venture.

And with all of this I think part of why I have enjoyed things so far is that I have paced myself. I have had sleep all nights - usually more than five hours (my latest night at camp was over the rather sedate and civilized activity of sitting in armchairs philosophising). Hopefully I will continue to balance my rest and recreation in the coming days. The fact that I am a non-singer for our last concert will make that much simpler. We have been having an exhausting rehearsal regime and I am impressed with the dedication and good spirits of my fellow choristers from across Australia.

Update: I have indexed my seven IVs as of 2013 in this post.

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  • Well the rest of MIV went well and the themes I described seem to carry on into the second half for me and others (moreorless). I had a wonderful time and at moments got a sense that these were unique days I have never experienced and will never experience in the same way again. They are a testament to the awesomeness of some close friends. Belinda and Lisa were particularly awesome.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 29 November, 2012  

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