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Birth Charts

I am one of those who regards Astrology with the same skepticism (hopefully no more nor less) that I do any supernatural propositions. We all know the objection - how can the perceived configuration of stars and planets far removed from this world have anything to do with who I am and what my life will be like?

The best explanation I have been given (one of those explanations that make perfect sense in the telling but one can somehow never convey to others effectively) is that in this complex and holistic universe a random method of sampling parts of the totality can tell one something of other parts of that totality. I think.

As long as nobody gets taken for a ride then I figure it is all just a bit of fun these days. But why stars and planets? What of other random things happening in the universe at the time of our birth. It is then - for the sake of fun you understand - that I propose here prediction of ones personality and fate via the popular song!

Check this site. It allows one to find the song that was Number 1 on any date in the past few decades. One can quickly discover the most popular song on the date of ones birth (or indeed on any and all of ones subsequent birthdays). Maybe Lean On Me tells me as much about who I am as does the constellation of Cancer. There is a lot of information in a recorded song from the words themselves to the way they are sung and the instruments and arrangements presented.

What does your birthdate popular tune say about you?

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  • I see astrology etc. in the same way I see the various statistics based reports which hit the news every second week: "50.1% of short men earn less than their tall peers."

    Humans love looking for patterns.

    So Pieces "tend to be" more musical etc. Fine. I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying you're taking statistics too seriously.

    Anyway, I like the idea of the songs that were popular around my birth effecting me personally.

    Does that mean we can blame emos on grunge?

    - Bowie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 18 August, 2009  

  • Yep. Shocking News - half the population have under-average intelligence! (nobody notices that half the population have above average intelligence).

    You would be aware of musical revivals. So there was a punk revival in the 90s and at a similar time I noticed some house music producers making very faithful covers of disco hits. I wonder whether musical trends move in waves (e.g, kids who came of age in the late 70s are controlling the music 15-20 years later and things they loved creep back into vogue).

    Hey tell me - when I respond to you on my blog to you somehow know (like they will over at LiveJournal) or do you have to come back and check?

    By Blogger Daniel, At 20 August, 2009  

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