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City From Suburbs

For ages now I have noticed how fantastic the city of Melbourne looks from particular vantages in its suburbs. So in my last week residing in Melbourne I decided to capture those vistas on film and went on a public transport adventure.

It was possibly one of the last sunny days for my hometown this side of Winter. I knew that the view from the roadway over the station at Camberwell was impressive and likewise loved the view from a hill in Northcote. I noticed that both locations were seven stations from the City. I also knew I wanted a shot of the City from a Bayside suburb. So using my own fuzzy methodology I went to the seventh station from the City on the Sandringham line. This took me to Elsterwick. But it is well inland. So I walked in what I hoped was a westerly direction till I hit beach – Elwood Beach to be precise. There I got the best photo – the one accompanying this entry.

It was a good day for a walk and so on the way back from the beach I took streets at random and somehow found myself in Saint Kilda. It was only then that I got back onto PT and made my way to Northcote and then Camberwell. Some of the shots are better than others but together they all give a feel of the different facets of Melbourne from the suburbs.

I may as well reference two more images while at it. The view of the City from the Botanic Gardens is an amazing contrast of nature (albeit a cultivated version of it) framing a marvel of technology (the modern city skyline). And finally seeing the City from within one of its many narrow lanes. My home is now in Canberra but Melbourne is still my hometown and this post is just a quick dedication to it.

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  • I bet you won't last in Canberra for more than 6 months!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12 May, 2009  

  • Brave words from my anonymous commentator. And academic ones since I only engage in wagers that I know the result of in advance.

    This move is me engaging in a risk - one of many that constitutes the course of any kind of life worth living.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 12 May, 2009  

  • You're right - I wont reveal myself. I am Canberra based, having come from Melbourne myself and having been through the experience of having a crush on a democrat candidate many years ago.

    It appears to me that ou have a love for Melbourne. And a deep love for Noble Park/Dandenong (I am from Nth Dandenong).

    I thnk you will eiher fall inlove with Canberra or hate it. Naitive Caberras love the place and don't migrate.

    I think you are more of a cosmopolitan kind of gy that likes mixing with different races and sub-cultures. Canberra doesn't have that!

    That is why I reckon you will move back to Melbourne within 6 months!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 13 May, 2009  

  • Say, have you taken your camera for a tour of Canberra yet? It'd be interesting to compare what you'd photograph of your new city compared to your familiar home-town. And should you stay in Canberra for many years, interesting to look back on, perhaps?

    By Blogger Jac, At 17 May, 2009  

  • If anything I prefer Clayton to Dandenong. Clayton is similar in that it is an older working-class and multicultural suburb but then it also has a uni stuck into it which just makes it that bit more interesting.

    I do like things to be cosmopolitan and despite its austere reputation Canberra is surprisingly so (if my fellow bus-riders are anything to go by).

    And as for the kind of 'culture' that involves having lots of nice bars and cafes to go to - well - I am a kid from the outer suburbs and what we may have lacked in that we compensated for by making our own fun. And I am working on that here (incidentally that cafe culture is becoming more common away from the inner city in Melbourne and one can now find it in places like Oakleigh and Glen Waverley too).

    I should at some time take and post some photos. There definitely are some things worth shooting.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 24 May, 2009  

  • Hi Daniel

    I really hope you are enjoying Canberra. I don't know if you live South or North of the Lake. But either way, it is a beautiful city.

    To get you started with Canberra life, have a look at this website.

    It is a famous blog website that has been running for about 6 years.

    Oh, and I apologise if I sounded rude in my previous posts. You just seem to love Melbourne so much, I a not sure if you can stand to be away from it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 24 May, 2009  

  • Hey is okay. For me it was more challenging than rude. Once I have digested a bit more of life here I will be reporting on it...

    By Blogger Daniel, At 25 May, 2009  

  • Just checking back over old comments and want to add something here: I lasted just on 12 months.

    In the end it was difficult to feel at home and I lacked the critical mass of friends I want for a particular kind of life.

    Also the thing I moved there for ended. Best then to return home. I now reflect that as well as liking Melbourne because it is a big metropolis I also may like it because it is my own metropolis.

    Location may be more important to me than I think - I have only ever lived here within two bordering municipal areas - Monash and Greater Dandenong.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 08 October, 2010  

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