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Participating in an interstate relationship has necessitated me getting on a few planes lately. And while I know that flying is safer than crossing the street I also cannot help but think of catastrophic things as I sit in a hunk of metal hurling itself across the sky in contravention of all common sense. Flight is one of those things that makes one think of mortality. And so I have recently considered whether there is anything I have missed in my life. The short answer is that I have done a bit of everything I want to do but I just would like to do more of all of it.

It all depends on how finely you choose to sub-divide life. So if I say "I want to travel" then I have definitely done that. If however I want to make a list of dozens of interesting global destinations then it becomes a case of sometimes yes and sometimes no. But if one accepts that there will always be limits to how long that list can be then I think my more general take on things makes sense. I also think it makes sense in that there are common elements we seek in all experiences.

So I have had lots of excellent experiences of friendship even if there may be others I have never met who would also be wonderful friends (to know the truth of this all I have to do is cast my mind back to a time in which I only knew some of my current friends). Likewise I have experienced times of affection and intimacy but will always crave more.

I have done lots of things including some I would never have expected to like the very minor celebrity of candidacy. I have witnessed some fascinating changes in the way the world works and even played a tiny part in some of them. Everything from sitting in a cinema the first time Star Wars took the world by storm to seeing the day in which an African-American became President-elect of the United States (okay this is written some days after it is postmarked). But what other experiences are to come?

I have listened - over and over - to some awesome music and even contributed to making some. But what new combinations of tone and timing and timbre have I so far missed? I have told and been told some amazing tales and anecdote but there is a whole world of others just round the corner. I have an impressive Transformers collection that nonetheless is missing some key constituents.

In short I have had something of everything I want and so am satisfied if that is all I can get but there is much more that I want even if it is pretty much 'more of the same'. And as they say - it is safer than crossing the street (but then I have to do that too)...*

* Attribution to The Young Ones pilot episode for that line.

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