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Relaxed Closet Obsessive

I am off interstate for the long weekend shortly and have other things to do and yet I felt like I had to do a blog post... simply because it was overdue... simply because I set a personal pattern-of-behaviour in which my blog gets a weekly entry. Even if I have nothing pressing I wish to share with the world I still feel compelled by this self-set stricture. And with that in mind I now have my blog topic for the week - my tendency to be obsessive!

Why does it matter how frequently or with what regularity this gets updated? It is my plaything to do with as I wish and yet I am very much dedicated to this standard of weekly posting. It is one of the obsessive aspects of my behaviour. I say in the title "relaxed" because I can defy this behaviour at will and feel okay about it. I also say "closet" because most of the things I obsess over are things that others may never notice...

So who is to know that I try to have as many tracks designated 'rock' as 'soul' in my iPod? Or that I try to ensure that any sentence with the word "question" in it also has the word "answer" in there too? Or that I prefer savoury to preceed sweet in a meal? Or that it bugs me if I have more than one image or logo in the clothes I am presently wearing? The only one of these things that I think anyone is familiar with is my (apparently amusing) practice of having even numbers of Autobots and Decepticons in my Transformers collection!

And having written this much I now feel I can get on with my day.



  • hehehe. I am inwardly smiling as I read your post. Initially, I was going to explain your need for regular blog posting at a need for structure, being strict with yourself gives you security. However, I am unable to account for your other quirks in this way. All I can say is, that I love them all.

    I shall now get on with my day also...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 31 March, 2008  

  • Thanks dude. I do have a need for structure from day to day or week to week (if only I was better at planning structure in the longer term) but I think the others can all be linked to a bit of an obsession on my part for symmetry.

    Mind you I can depart from that too - for instance the 'perfect imperfect' is something I like. Now before the linguist in you gets all excited, that is an aesthetics concept, rather than a linguistics one, and relates to selective interruption of symmetry. For instance the "hair over one eye" look which is kinda hot.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 01 April, 2008  

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