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2012 is almost over and I find I am busy with assorted things like house-sitting and tent holidaying. This makes it more difficult for me to do my usual two posts per month so for this entry I am presenting a sort of flashbacks entry in much the same way that television shows present flashback episodes.

I have chosen one entry for each of the topic labels I allocate to posts at Lazy Luddite Log. I have also selected only from the more recent times of this blog. So here I go...

Life Experiences

With such posts I describe happenings in my life at the time of writing. In Summer Holiday I tell of a getaway similar to the one I am off to sometime today.

Nostalgia And Reminiscences

The moment a post has past it arguably becomes a snippet of nostalgia. However other posts of mine look back at things in the past at the time of writing and tend to consider how popular culture has changed. Cups And Saucers is one of those and refers to some icons of science fiction.

Internet Observations

Now and then I will comment on ways in which I think Internet usage is affecting our behaviour and I did this in Webface.


The World Wide Web is full of graphics and yet my presence there is mostly in text. Sometimes I will try to add some interest to an entry with a photo and all such posts are given the Image tag. In Four Corners I link to a number of images and try to get an Internet Meme happening (at the time only one friend adopted the meme).

Music Related Stuff

One of the things that interests me and at times actively involves me is music and so sometimes it gets an entry. Particularly during holidays I tend to listen to my favourite band who I tribute in Queen Sized.

Creative Writing

Sometimes I try my hand at writing a short story. Here in The Deep Calm I present a fantasy story that, like a number of others, has water as a key motif.


Occasionally my writing gets political. Like any member of society I have opinions on some of the more controversial issues we face. In Misanthropy I argue that prejudice in its many forms is fundamentally childish in nature.


In some posts I can muse in a rather wishy-washy way on the nature of things. Sometimes however I can be more precise. We still live in a world in which religion is a powerful force (as if anyone needed to remind you of that just following Christmas) and in Supernatural Moral I express my concerns with evangelical religion.


This exercise has shown me that it has been too long since I posted any recipes. That in turn is because I have done nothing innovative in the kitchen for ages. I have stuck with my same old concoctions except for the odd but of ingredient substitution to satisfy particular friends. This is one thing I hope to remedy in the New Year. And now I'm hungry. Time to log off and get on with life.



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