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A friend once told me and another friend that we could spout shit about absolutely any topic – talk talk talk! And we then proved it by discussing “shit”. You would think that someone such as I could then blog ad-infinitum. And yet I’m considering reducing my self-set blogging frequency.

Initially I blogged weekly. This was reduced pretty quickly to twice a month. Now I’m thinking that once or twice a month will be more realistic. There are a few factors that play into this feeling.

Spare time has nothing to do with it for me. Even with full-time hours I can still schedule time for regular blogging. It has a lot more to do with the nature of my blogging as a form of writing. I have to be motivated by a particular topic sufficiently to convert it from chatter to a coherent flow of statements in written English. I cannot just choose a word and spout shit about it. I have Facebook for that.

So the topic has to interest me sufficiently. I have to also feel confident of my information or opinions to say it. It has to pass some forms of self-censorship. Some topics are too private to put in public (I will from time-to-time but in a somewhat coded manner). Other topics are a tad controversial and it seems my human environment has become more prone to controversy.

Once arguments over political aims were the norm. Now one has to be careful of how one expresses ones position even on matters of strategy. I have a few self-set limitations I try to follow now. As a result a recent rant I wanted to show the world was simply shared with a close confident. I think this is okay and it is definitely a time-honoured way of communicating.

What does concern me however is that I am getting slack in a lot of my personal regimens. For instance my seasonal pattern of creativity started in 2010 has fallen by the wayside. Stuff still happens but in a more occasional and sporadic manner. I keep having concepts percolating but execution is another thing altogether. Still relaxing the blogging minimum may refresh things a bit in the New Year and let me devise more topics that are interesting, fun and safe to share.



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