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Blogging is a fantastic way of recording and sharing personal anecdotes but it has struck me that this is only the case for those events that have happened during the era of blogging. And with that in mind I have decided that I want to draw some old anecdotes from my past and put them here. It will be something I only do from time-to-time but I will start with one particular incident in this entry. And - like this incident - I will try to limit my anecdotes to just those that are somehow distinctive and also to those that involve friends who have been important to me. So here we go...

Back when I was still at uni I spent a lot of weekends with a handful of friends who had met via this one event at the start of our uni lives - the United Nations Youth Associate (UNYA) Tertiary Youth Conference 1991. This story has nothing to do with that week-long con but it is how Us as we called ourselves got together. One of those involved was my longest-term friend to date - Guy - whom I had met at the start of secondary school. Anyway...

One day we were all getting together to go have a picnic by the Bay. And as we were all uni students we carpooled in one or two cars and drove from suburb to suburb collecting passengers. We had come to collect another friend - Sean - who at the time lived on the fourteenth floor of apartments on Nicholson Street in Carlton. So Guy and I took the elevator to go and collect him. As the lift rose we did something kinda stupid.

There was a song in the charts at the time by the teenaged hip-hop duo Kriss Kross called
Jump Jump. It was pretty trashy and we knew it but nonetheless something possessed us both to "jump jump" in unison as the lift moved. How were we to know that two young men jumping was all it would take for an elevator to get stuck between floors?

And the only way of communicating with the outside world was via a buzzer button. Yep - these lifts were too primitive to have an intercom and we were living in the 90s baby - so who had a mobile phone back then? The buzzer seemed to attract the attention of one elderly resident - we knew that because she called to us via the walls and doors. I think from that we established that mechanics were on the way to look at the problem.

All we could do was sit. I had some paper in my backpack and - well - it may surprise you but in those days I was a bit imaginative and a tiny bit melodramatic. So I suggested that we may need to keep the paper to write farewell messages in case we never escaped. Guy - whose scientific knowledge and sarcasm far exceeds mine - assured me that we still had a hour or so of oxygen. He persuaded me to share the paper and play Noughts & Crosses with him.

A bit later the elderly resident called to us to ask "are you still there". Um - yes - yes we were.

Anyway eventually the elevator did move level with a floor and the doors opened. We ran all the way down the stairs to find the others who convinced us to come with them
back into the other elevator to go fetch Sean. I think we spent 45 minutes in that lift. Till that time such an experience was just something from movies. In the end all I lost was some paper but I got a pretty good anecdote from the thing. And I think we enjoyed the picnic later that day too.

Note: I promise to use more commas rather than just all these dashes. I will try.

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  • I remember that day. It was a relatively rare event that I would have friends come over to the flats, partially because they were often nervous to be visiting the "project" where I grew up, and partially because I was nervous that they would enter the building to find a corpse or something on the floor. The kind of thing that I would take in my stride, but that other people would have conniptions about. Ok I never found a corpse, but things did get a bit hairy there sometimes.

    Anyway, I was waiting and waiting for these friends of mine to arrive, and I got quite exasperated at how late they were. I thought of going downstairs to look around the block, see if they'd gotten lost, but the lift was out of order, so I just waited in my flat.

    So by the time they managed to escape the lift and make it to my front door (via the stairs), I had just about given up on them - most unfairly! Poor chaps.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 03 November, 2009  

  • Thanks for the comment Sean. "Project" hey? I always felt pretty safe visiting it but maybe that was because you were the mack daddy there. (-8}

    By Blogger Daniel, At 11 November, 2009  

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    From: why_am_i
    Date: October 29th, 2009 12:56 pm (local)
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    Lol! Remind me not to jump around in lifts with no mobile reception.
    *squish hugs*
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    From: originaluddite
    Date: November 1st, 2009 09:23 pm (local)
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    Well if you do make sure you have company and pen and paper.
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    By Blogger Daniel, At 09 May, 2017  

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