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Schubert's Mass In F

The content of this entry originally was...

On Saturday 13 September... the Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) will perform Schubert's Mass In F along with other works including Vaughan William's Five Mystical Songs. We will be accompanied by the Grainger Wind Symphony. The concert will be held at MLC Music Auditorium... in Kew. Tickets are $30 (full) or $20 (concession) and I am happy to sell tickets to anyone interested...

Well the night went well and it was a lovely Spring evening to boot. I had a bit of quick dinner in Glenferrie at Grill'd then wandered up-hill to Methodist Ladies College. We had a nice venue (if hot due to a combination of stage lights and winter-set heating). We performed well I think and particularly did well with the more tricky numbers such as the lovely Australian work Dusk (which many of us had done at Sydney IV). The instrumentalists were awesome and we had the pleasure of relaxing as a part of the audience while they performed. Mmmm brass! Mmmm percussion!

The only drawback of the evening was the small audience. It is always a challenge to get the public or even personal contacts into the audience of such events. In part I think it is just the nature of these things. But I also have a hunch that there may in fact be too many such performance groups in Melbourne. Consider this - in my area there is a choir run by Monash Uni students (MonUCS) and also a choir run by the Monash Uni Music Department and also a community choir sponsored by the City Of Monash municipality. I approve of the florishing of all sorts of different groups but sometimes wonder if we are detracting from one another in terms of drawing on that limited part of the population that will attend such events...



Mundane Imaginings

I use some of my imagination for those things normally considered the realm of imagination - fantastic or outlandish notions and concepts. But I also seem to spend much of my imaginary musings time on imaginary variations on some rather everyday subject matter.

One I have pondered lately is what things would happen in the course of a week at a pub if that pub was the only one in a small town... Here is the result of my musings...

Sundays Lunchtime - Piano Bar - a local pianist plays while guests dine

Monday Evenings - Darts Competition

Tuesday Evenings - Pool & Snooker Night

Wednesday Evenings - Poker Night

Thursday Evenings - Trivia Quiz

Friday Evenings - Local electric guitar band plays covers and originals - everything from John Lee Hooker to Red Hot Chili Peppers

Saturday Lunchtime - Toastmasters - locals come to practice speech-making on whatever topics interest them...

Saturday Evenings - Local DJs play pop and dance tracks for the kids

A far cry I warrent form some of my other creative writing. I wonder why I do this. Why do I bother to imagine things that pretty much exist anyway?