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Those who became adults in the 1990s may remember the 24 hour burger bar close to the intersection of Spring and Bourke that went by the name of Fast Eddy's. One day it just closed and went away. What a shock.

Many of us had spent lots of late nights there on the way too or from other things. I was walking along Bourke Street recently and noticed something in passing - they have left the signage of that old haunt there despite the fact that its location is now occupied by convenience stores. This image took me back.

I like how old stuff mingles with newer stuff in the urban environment - I love how sometimes one can almost perceive the translucent layers of time we have passed. Possibly it is that I have been experiencing some changes recently (in particular that Sara whom I have been dating since Winter is returning to the US) that serve to make me more aware of such reminders of the movement of time.

I am away for over a week now so this will be my blogging for now. Feel free to comment and share any anecdotes you may have of Fast Eddy's...

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  • I remember Fast Eddy, I often had a bowl of nachos (and once, a nacho food fight with a friend who the rest of us thought "took himself too seriously") or pancakes or somesuch thing there. Quite expensive, but when they promise to be open, no matter how late it is, you can cut them that slack. It's alaming how few, if any, choices there are left for those of us who consider 2am a perfectly reasonable time to be eating dinner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 18 January, 2008  

  • A food fight - wow - tolerant staff!

    I have two kinds of memory of it. One was that my freind Sean and I were killing time there before visiting the airport at some forsaken hour to meet a friend who was returning home from overseas.

    Another is of Young Australian Democrats brunching there prior to Youth Mock Parliament. It was close to the site of that event - Spring Street - and naturally the other youth wings - both Lib-Nats and Labor - were there two so there were corners of the premises occupied by rival groups and alternately leering and joking at one another.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 31 January, 2008  

  • Aaahh, those were the days of the Young Dem's Caffeine and Nicotine crew meeting at Fast Eddy's before waging war on the other youth factions...

    I'm having some distinct recollections of Tim and I polishing (and indeed initially writing) speeches at short notice before the battle much to the chagrin of all (especially Corey!), but generally good times being had by all for if nothing else a good excuse to suit up and then get together for dinner and a piss-up afterwards...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 05 February, 2008  

  • I remember the Caffeine & Nicotine Crew and how much they stressed me with walking back into the chamber with only seconds to spare before voting on a bill. Still Corey proved that there is such a thing as someone who is more anal than me!

    By Blogger Daniel, At 14 February, 2008  

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