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The blogs of today are full of photos (just hit the 'Next Blog' button to see what I mean). Lest I be rolled over by twin forces of culture and technology I will need to do the same (if my film camera will oblige)...

I expressed a wish to do this ages ago and then put my mug shot here but I have only in the last week started adding more photos (via my FlickR account). The trick for me is that I am still using a film camera and will do so till it is kaput! But rather than get prints developed, I am now getting the images put on disc. I have put a few photos here of recent events and will also retrospectively add some images to old blog posts if I feel they are relevant to the subject matter. In this way I will get the site looking more interesting. Still it will only be an occasional thing here-and-there.

I have added a new 'Images' label so that I can quickly find past posts with photos incorporated into them.



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