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Last night I had drinks with two friends I had met in the ADs. We met at a wine bar in Carlton co-run by a friend of mine. Its name is Sippers and it has nice old worldy decor and big comfy couches. We had some drinks and finger foods which were all excellent. It has been a while since we have got together so we had a lot of fun gossiping and gasbagging.

We reminisced over old times (those 'old times' having been within the last few years) which reminded me how much fun one can have in times of adversity. I gave them both a compilation of all the 'Bazza: Intrepid Office Volunteer' comics I did for the Young Australian Democrats newsletter back then. It's 14 photocopy pages of hand-drawn satire and silliness entitled 'Bazza: The Complete Voluntary Works' and I suppose "fun in times of adversity" is what it's about (anyone who remembers these and wants a copy just ask and I will send you one).

It was a nice way to spend the evening - I need to do more of this small group stuff with disparate friends.



  • I am rather coy in naming friends in my weblog. Part of it is that I intend for this site to be subject oriented rather than personal in nature. However part of it is also the fact that I belong to me and nobody but me belongs to me - so I am wary of referring willy-nilly to others on the Internet. I can afford to be a bit more relaxed on that front so here comes some name-dropping...

    The co-owner of Sippers is Sophia. I met Sophia via Monash Uni Host Scheme and (unusually for me) have managed to stay in contact with here one-on-one rather than via the more lazy method of simply moving in the same scenes. As such I value Sophia in a very different way to most of my friends. We only have sporadic contact but it is worthwhile nonetheless.

    The two ADs friends I had drinks with at Sippers are Linh and Danii who are both lots of fun to chat with whether the topic is party-related or just any old thing. They both go back a long way independent of the party and it is fun observing how they interact.

    I have returned to Sippers one more time since then. I got together for drinks with Sean and Jen whom I have known for absolutely ages. We pretty much get together that night to mark the fact that we had met fifteen years (accurate to the month) previousely at a United Nations Tertiary Youth Conference. That is almost half a lifetime ago for us.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 26 April, 2006  

  • Sophia has since sold the Sippers operation to have a more relaxing life. The new owners however are preserving the same vibe.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 13 September, 2007  

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