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I am sure all you bloggers do your blogging in the now. But have you considered how much you may be contributing to the body of information future historians will have to draw on regarding how we lived? I am considering it and wondering just what sort of impression I am giving. But then we get ourselves into the primary sources of future history in all sorts of ways. Anytime you get a letter published in a newspaper (something I recommend for anyone who thinks they have an opinion worth sharing)... anytime you fill in a visitors book at a hotel... anytime you email some rash comment to somebody who fanatically archives everything... Well if we think too much we may never say anything at all. Possibly its best for me to do my blogging in the now.

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  • "fanatically archives everything" - what's fanatical about that? What are you trying to imply? Please tell me it isn't sedition! :)

    By Anonymous Korny, At 28 November, 2005  

  • Fanatically archiving everything is what governments that are scared of sedition do. Are you some kind of secret world government? What a scary notion!


    That 'sedition' word has been in the news so much lately that I decided to check on its definition. My Collins Australian Pocket English Dictionary says that sedition is "a stirring up of rebellion against the government". Key figures in the formation of the United States like Thomas Jefferson felt that it was the duty of a population to revolt if they felt a government was oppressing them. But I forget - this is Australia...

    By Blogger Daniel, At 30 November, 2005  

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