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I have been letting some aspects of life fall by the wayside lately. One of them is story writing. I’m wondering if looking over my old stuff will get me interested in making more in future. Here is an index of sorts to help me access them from this aging blog. It will focus only on prose formatted in paragraphs (so scripts for dialogue or descriptions of fictional concepts are omitted here).

Fantasy is a surprisingly small part of my selection. I suppose my now ended role-play game took a lot of such creativity from me. However I did two very short tales set in The Lands. They were the contemplative Deep Calm and the whimsical Old Regalia For A New Empress.

You could argue that Sindacollo is fantasy but I suspect it is more ‘magical realism’ which describes mundane event in a magical way. I feel a similar description fits the metaphorical Lyrebird.

The following three fictional anecdotes are set in the everyday world but are experienced by its rather imaginative characters as something more than that. They are The Den, Trespass and Worlds Upon Worlds.

Realistic fiction is something I have done more than I would have expected for a nerd. The best stuff I possibly did was the inter-connected Three Shoreside Tales: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I got rather satirical in this story-cum-commentary Bring A Plate. I suspect I have more of this sort of thing in me – I think of scenes that show the shortcomings of much contemporary thinking. However I also think it may be wise to let such snarky musings of mine be passing ones.

A few more contemporary-setting vignettes focus on the same solitary retiree - Visiting Logan and Scheduling Logan.

Historical fiction is something I have done just once to date and Free Fall starring the historical Aphra Behn is one of my favourite bits of writing. I do intend at some time to pen a sequel in which ‘Astrea’ is older, wiser, retired from spying yet drawn back into intrigue while on holiday in Venice.

Science Fiction numerically dominates this list and here we start with my longest story. Gumshoe Telepath is a near future detective story in seven parts with some nifty technological and political concepts.

A poignant song inspired the space-travel story Voyage Of The Volunteers set in two times separated by a century. This is the oldest story linked here and was originally drafted in the late 90s.

The Five Civilization Galaxy is the setting for two comedic adventures that poke fun at the imperfections of history as a subject. They are Field Trippers and History Project.

The most recent story on this list is Crash Of The Magi. It is set on a distant world and I never specify whether any of its characters are human. However some of them are definitely alien.

And finally here is a tale of the distant end of all things in Word Limit...

I have a bit of re-reading to do here.



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