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A Moving Experience

I wonder if the corniness of my post titles is in any way affected by a lack of sleep? Anyway I have moved just this past weekend. It has been 3 to 4 years since I last did that so it came as a bit of a shock to do so once more. Some background may be useful. I was renting from Olav & Polly who owned the house we lived in but now have sold it. We three have moved to accomodation which we will all rent.

The moving of stuff went pretty well (thanks to helping family and friends both on the day of moving big stuff and on other days of ferrying smaller stuff) but now comes the more challenging phase of sorting stuff. The fixed location of things like windows and wardrobes and power points suddenly becomes the most frustrating and powerful thing in your life as you try to decide on the best arrangement of furniture. I think I have got my room as good as it will get but may change my mind.

I am experiencing some culture shock (nothing compared to what the cats Elric and Calisto are suffering mind you). But I find that familiar contents makes a new setting somewhat familiar and helps with the settling in.
What does disorient me is stepping outside the front door into a new neighbourhood. Never mind that it is an area with which I am very familiar. The fact is that it is different from what I have seen every day for over a thousand days of stepping out the front door.

There are pros and cons to any change in life and this is one of them. I think that many of the pros and cons can be exactly matched helping one to better understand the change. Consider this: One 'con' is a smaller bedroom but this results in the impetus to get rid of stuff I never truly needed or wanted anyway which translates into a 'pro' once the work is done.

In the same way I think most pros and cons can be resolved in such a way as to suggest a net improvement in living circumstances. And there are many things that are definite improvements. Transport is better. I now need just one bus rather than two to get to work. I am within walking distance of both Huntingdale and Clayton Stations and also the Monash Uni Busloop. I can walk to and from things I do at Monash like swimming and choral rehearsals. I am further from shopping centres and cinemas than I was but can still get to such things with small effort. And I am within walking distance of the homes of a few friends. In other words more excuses to have late nights. Further corny post titles seem likely...

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  • The house we moved from had power lines behind the back fence. I had intended to hold a video night of 'The Castle' because of this but it never eventuated.

    By Blogger Daniel, At 10 August, 2006  

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